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In nearly 30 years of professional work I have developed an activity that covers several especializations and different fields of work. I am a researcher, a writter, a lecturer and an advicer on:

  • Socio-economic problems, the place where social and economic analisys intersect: poverty, social policy, social security, employment and so on. I have written three books and some papers on those subjetcs (see Books, arcticles and other works)
  • I have an ample experience in socio-economic analisys in the context of concret political situations, not just in Venezuela but in Latin America and other places. My last research, The Failure of Interventionism (El Fracaso del Intervencionismo), allow me to make evaluations on the economic and political changes, free market reforms, adjustment programs and public policies. Because my double formation in sociology and economics I normally use an interdisciplinary approach, not limited just to economics, sociology or history, for study and advice on short and long term problems (see Books, arcticles and other works and artículos de prensa).
  • I have studied Austrian School of Economics (Mises and Hayek, basically) and made an special effort to apply it to social and political situations, like poverty (see How can we get rid of poverty). I am currently giving post graduate courses on free market economics, classical liberalism and the Austrian approach.
  • I have written several books and papers on scientific methodology, and I am a well known author in Latin America in this field (see Books, arcticles and other works).
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