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I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on July 24th, 1944. I have a degree in sociology from the University of Buenos Aires, 1970. I taught for a year in that university and had a position in the Market Research Department of Unilever.

    In 1971 I went to Chile with the purpose of participating in the social experiment of socialism in liberty led by Salvador Allende. I get and academic post in the Universidad del Norte, Arica, and in the next few months I learned about socialism "in the field". The experience was devastating to my beliefs in marxism and I get a new sense of the importance of personal liberty. In 1973 I moved to Perú, where the socialist-populist government of Velasco Alvarado was exploring a different path to socialism, and soon I changed my residence to Venezuela, where I live since 1974.

    Since 1975 I am a professor in the Universidad Central de Venezuela (Central University of Venezuela) where I obtained the degree of Doctor in Social Sciences in 1987. I teach in the School of Sociology and in several post graduate courses. I am currently Chair of Department of Methods (scientific methodology) in the School of Sociology and a member of the Academic Council of the Doctorate in Social Sciences from 1988 to 1995 and from 1998 to the present.

    I was:

  • Visiting professor at Postgraduate Programs, Univ. of Altiplano, Puno, Perú (1989)
  • Visiting researcher at the Center for Study of Public Choice, George Mason University, Virginia, USA, (1990)
  • Visiting Professor at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala (1998)
  • Professor in several postgraduate programs at the UCV, the Universidad del Zulia and other Venezuelan universities (1982-1989)

    Moreover, I am

  • A member of the Academic Comittee of CEDICE (Center for the Promotion of Economic Awareness), Venezuela, since 1991.
  • A member of Foro Latinoamericano, sponsored by Foundation Francisco Marroquín, since 1995.
  • and have a Foundation Francisco Marroquín Fellowship (1998).


    I took part in several Liberty Fund seminars: Caracas (1989), Jají (1992 and 1993) in Venezuela. I presented the lecture "Mercado y Seguridad" (The Market and the Security) in the Caracas seminar. I was a commentator of Murray Rothbart's paper in the Regional Meeting, Mont Pèlerin Society, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1993, and attend The Mont Pèlerin Society Regional Meeting at Cancún, Mexico, 1996. Furthermore I have presented papers in many seminars, congress, simposia and forum in Venezuela and abroad.

    My writings -books, papers, articles and so on -cover several fields: scientific methodology, socio-economic analysis, social security, social policy, political analysis of current affairs in Venezuela and Latin America and some works of fiction. Moreover, I am a regular contributor for AIPE (International Agency of Economic Press), Boca Raton, Fla, USA, from 1992, which distributes my articles to several newspapers in Latin America, and I was a contributor for several newspapers in Venezuela. I have written more than 200 newspapers articles since 1988 on social, political and economic issues.

    I am married to América Vásquez, also a sociologist, since 1980. She reads all my works and collaborate frecuently in my researchs. We live in Caracas but we enjoy travelling, for pleasure or for research. I have lived in seven countries: Argentina, Chile, Perú, Venezuela, Spain, USA and Guatemala.

    I love music, especially symphonic music, but I have learned to dance tango too. Astronomy and scientific divulgation are my favourite readings, besides short stories, novels and science fiction.

    In the last years I have dedicated a lot of time to my grandson, Daniel Undreiner, son of my stepdaughter Adriana Coromoto and Rene. I have dedicated to them my last book, El Fracaso del Intervencionismo (The Failure of the Interventionism).

    I have owned two small companies: Textos Agora (editing and publishing, since 1992) and IPSA (political consultings, from 1993 to 1994).



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